Red Light Therapy: Does It Work?

Beauty treatments are always improving, and it appears that there is always a new therapy promising to enhance your skin. And those in the know, as well as those in the skincare world, are always eager to try the latest and greatest procedures. Among these, red light therapy is rising in popularity.

What Is Red Light Therapy? 

Red light therapy (RLT), a kind of LED light therapy, is a therapeutic treatment that employs red LEDs to create low-level wavelengths that penetrate the skin in a non-invasive manner. Mitochondria in the skin cells of the body absorb red light to produce energy, which researchers believe aids in cellular repair and wellness. Although red light therapy offers a wide variety of uses for both cosmetics and pain management, its anti-aging applications have sparked the most attention.

Red light gadgets frequently emit visible light as well as infrared wavelengths beyond the visible spectrum. Today, red light treatment has a wide range of clinical and commercial devices.

What Is Red Light Therapy Good For? 

Wrinkle reduction: Red light therapy is recognized as an anti-aging procedure since it reduces wrinkles and other indications of age.

Scar reduction: Red light treatment can help to reduce scars by decreasing fibrotic tissue and promoting tissue regeneration.

Pain relief: The combination of red and infrared light therapy is an excellent, natural method of pain relief for individuals who suffer from nerve and/or muscular pain.

Muscle recovery: As with infrared light treatment, red light therapy can help sportsmen, weekend warriors, and everyone in-between speed up muscle recovery and boost repair after exercise.

Oral health: Red light treatment benefits oral health by preventing gum disease, alleviating pain, whitening teeth, and combating oral pathogens that cause foul breath.

Risks of Red Light Therapy

Light-sensitive people may not be a good fit for light treatment. We recommend that you test your light therapy equipment on a section of your skin to discover any sensitivity before using it regularly.

Because the quality of light treatment devices varies widely, it is critical that you select high-quality equipment. In the United States, red light therapy is a clinically tested and FDA-approved treatment. However, many foreign devices sold online do not have FDA certification. Therefore, use only FDA authorized devices to guarantee safety and efficacy.

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