IV Therapy

The fastest way to receive your health supplementation

Close up saline IV drip for patient and

What is IV Therapy?

IV (or intravenous) therapy is the practice of delivering fluids or medications directly into the body, by using an injection with a syringe or via infusion. This is the fastest way to deliver medications, supplements, and more directly into the bloodstream to help with various health conditions and issues.

Types of IV Therapy we offer:
  • Immune IV

    • Features Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, B Vitamins, and Glutathione (Optional 1 mL TA1 add-on)​

  • Performance and Recovery IV

    • Features Aminosyn, B Vitamins, and Vitamin C (Optional 1 mL ​ TB4 add-on)

  • Rehydration IV

    • Features Calcium, Magnesium, B Vitamins, Aminosyn, Vitamin C, and Sodium Bicarbonate​

  • Anti-Aging IV

    • Features Methylene Blue​, NAD+ and Glutathione

  • Myers' Cocktail

    • Vitamin infusion which enhances the immune system, reduces fatigue, helps with seasonal allergies, reduces symptoms of fibromyalgia and asthma

  • Custom IVs also available!

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