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Dental implants are widely regarded as one of the best tooth replacement options. They are composed of a metal implant stud and an artificial tooth, and their highly versatile nature makes them suitable for replacing a few missing teeth. However, getting dental implants is not as easy as it seems. The dentist will screen you for various factors to ensure that you are fit for implantation. Once the dentist confirms that you are suitable for implants, the next step is to find a suitable site for the implantation. When you visit our dental practice to have a consultation, we will discuss the available options with you and decide on the best one.What are the alternatives to choosing the ideal site for your implantation?Right now, there is a wide range of sites that can be used to place dental implants. Some of them include:Bone grafting: This is the most commonly used method to prepare the jawbone for placement of dental implants. The dentist removes a small portion of the jawbone and grafts it with tissues from either your hip or a bone bank. This allows the jawbone to be thickened and increased in volume so that it provides sufficient space for placing dental implants without any hassle.Implants placed in extraction sockets: Extractions are performed when there is a risk of tooth loss due to decay or external trauma, or when there isn’t enough room for placing dental implants in their ideal positions. The dentist will remove the teeth from their sockets and then place implants in them to hold them steady. After a few months, the gums grow around them and form a solid bond with them, thereby keeping them firmly in place.Bone grafting in extraction sockets: This procedure is a combination of bone grafting and placing implants in extraction sockets. After removing the teeth, we will place implants into their positions and treat them with grafting material to increase their volume. When they heal completely, we will place an abutment on them and connect it with an implant crown.Impacted teeth: Impacted teeth can create an issue when they impinge upon other teeth, especially when they are shifted out of position. We treat impacted teeth using dental implants by placing an implant stud on either side of it and then fixing an implant-supported crown on it. This way, we ensure that the tooth does not interfere with the adjoining ones and allow you to bite and chew food like normal without any hassle. Call us at 209-823-1748 or schedule an online appointment to know more about On Current Site placement!

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