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Telemedicine in Wyandotte, MI

Telemedicine is a method of communication which allows us to interact face-to-face with our patients using technology. It allows our patients to sit safely in the comfort of their own home while meeting with one of our providers. Just like being in person, you will discuss your symptoms, problems, and other concerns with us using a video, app, web-based platform, or even an email. At the completion of your visit, we will discuss any diagnosis, review treatment options, and write you a prescription if it is determined necessary.

How Does Telemedicine Operate?

Telemedicine entertains an incredible supplemental care solution for many of the concerns for which you usually visit our clinic. However, this approach is not suitable for emergencies like lacerations, heart attacks, strokes, or broken bones.

During your virtual consultation with us, we will examine your condition. We may ask you to demonstrate a variety of movements, walking, moving from sitting to standing, range of motion, as well as flexion and extension of joints. We may ask to examine any swelling or edema, any skin rashes or lesions, or healing wounds.

What are the Advantages of Telemedicine?

  • Telemedicine supports more convenient care, accessible to one and all. There are times when people are unable to visit us and meet us in person. In this situation, telemedicine makes for an ideal solution! This approach is a massive help for all patients who are homebound or immune compromised.
  • There are no extra costs or fees associated with telemedicine. You save your traveling expenses and also your time and energy! Many of our patients enjoy remaining at home and are thankful for the care we provide them.
  • This kind of consultation increases patient engagement. The appointments are easy to follow, and you can keep track of everything while conversing with us about your health.

Please reach out to our practice in Wyandotte, MI, to have a consultation with our doctor, Dr. Abrahamson. Please call us at (734) 287-3000 or schedule an online consultation, and we’ll guide you further.

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