Electrodiagnostic Studies In Wyandotte, MI

Electrodiagnostic studies or tests are carried out to measure electrical activity associated with your muscles and nerves. By measuring the electrical activity, we determine several problems in your body like muscle or nerve damage, the cause of such damage, as well as the response of your muscles or nerves to the treatment.

What are the Common Electrodiagnostic Tests?

We offer different types of IV therapies at our clinic. All you need to do is to visit us and consult our doctor. After hearing your needs, requirements, and concerns, we will administer you the suitable therapy.


Also known as EMG or electromyogram, this test helps us measure the electrical activity of our muscles. It may also detect the signs of slowing down or blocking of the responses to nerve stimulation. This test provides information about your muscle and also exhibits how well it receives stimulation from your nerves. We carry out a nerve conduction velocity test along with electromyography. ​

This test is used to evaluate any unexplained muscle twitching, weakness, and even paralysis. Once the test is carried out properly, it helps us know the causes of tingling, numbness, and pain.

We insert a small needle serving as an electrode into your muscle. With the needle in place, you will be asked to contract your muscle. We will record the whole electrical activity of your muscles.

Nerve Conduction Velocity

Also known as the NCV test or nerve conduction study, it helps us measure how quickly the electrical impulses move along your nerve. As stated, this test is performed simultaneously with an electromyogram. ​

A healthy nerve always conducts signals with a faster speed and strength compared to a damaged nerve. The speed of conduction of the nerve is influenced by an insulating coating surrounding your nerve (myelin sheath). Most of the damage in the nerve takes place in the axon of the nerve rather than its myelin sheath. We carry out this test to distinguish between true nerve disorders or the conditions where your muscles are affected due to a nerve injury.

During the NCV test, we place flat electrodes on your skin at intervals. A low-intensity current is then introduced, intending to stimulate your nerves. The velocity at which the electric impulses are transmitted through the nerves is determined via the images appearing on the computer screen.

If the response of the nerves is slower than normal, it means that your myelin sheath is affected. But if such response is decreased, however, with a relatively normal conduction speed, it refers to damage in the nerve axon.

What are the Benefits of Electrodiagnosis Studies?

  • These studies provide accurate data on the physiological integrity of your nervous system.
  • They help us carry out a non-informative clinical examination.
  • They are safe for outpatient surveillance.

Please reach out to our practice in Wyandotte, MI, to have a consultation with our doctor, Dr. Abrahamson. Please call us at (734) 287-3000 or schedule an online consultation, and we’ll guide you further.

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