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When most people think about Botox, their first thoughts go to use in cosmetic treatments. It’s that medicine that gets rid of your wrinkles, right? While this is true, Botox is also used to treat a variety of conditions which can cause pain or discomfort. There are currently 11 FDA approved indications for the use of Botox. Those we can treat in the office include chronic migraines, severe sweating to the hands, feet, or under the arms, cervical dystonia, and spasticity. Other conditions include overactive bladder and leakage of urine (incontinence) due to overactive bladder caused by a neurogenic condition.

What is Botox?

Botox is a drug which is made from a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Used in small doses, it can be safely used to treat the health concerns listed above.

How Does Botox Treatment Work?

Botox injections work by weakening or paralyzing the targeted muscles or by blocking specific nerves. While each individual is different, results can last as long as 12 months, as little as 3 months. This can be dependent on many things; level of activity, area being treated, your unique body chemistry, metabolism, quality of the Botox being used, skill and accuracy of the injector, the amount of Botox being injected, frequency of treatments, being sick or stressed, and the development of new neurotransmitters.

What Does the Botox Treatment Involve?

Prior to your appointment, it is important to let us know if you are taking any blood thinning medications, including NSAIDs. We may ask, if possible, to hold those medications prior to, and for a few days after treatment. There are cases when medication cannot be stopped, and we understand! It’s just important for us to know and have a plan in place for this. On the day of your appointment, you should come with clean, dry skin, free from makeup, lotions, perfumes or oils. Wear clothing which is easy to move or remove so we can access the area to be treated. We will examine the area to determine the best injection sites to meet your needs and these will be marked. When this is completed we will clean the area and begin the treatment. The injections typically take less than 10 minutes. Most people describe a brief pinching sensation which resolves quickly. You may experience bruising or a small amount or bleeding. We may apply bandaids if needed, but often this is not necessary. You should allow your body time to rest, so just relax for the rest of the day! Try to avoid touching the treatment area. You should wait 24 hours to return to exercise, the same goes for applying makeup. You should also avoid sun and heat exposure for at least 4 hours, but to be safe, you should wait 24-48 hours. Tanning beds, hot tubs, showers or baths, and saunas should also be avoided.

Please reach out to our practice in Wyandotte, MI, to have a consultation with our doctor, Dr. Abrahamson. Please call us at (734) 287-3000 or schedule an online consultation, and we’ll guide you further.

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