Body Composition

Gone are the days of looking at someones BMI (Body Mass Index) and making a determination they are overweight or obese. We are not going to pinch your skin with calipers, we are not going to pull out the measuring tape to monitor your bodily changes. What we are going to do is introduce you to the InBody Body Composition Analyzer.

Our InBody Analyzer, is a quick and painless “scale” which will quickly measure fat mass, muscle mass, and bodily water. No estimations based on age, gender, or body type. Segments of your body are measured separately for a more accurate analysis of your personal body composition.

What is Body Composition and Why is it Important?

Simply put, body composition describes what our bodies are made up of, fat, water, muscle. While some fats are necessary to protect our organs, regulate hormones, and provide us with energy; other fats are not necessary. An excess of these fats can lead to obesity, tiredness, diabetes, and heart failure (just to name a few). Our non-fat components, such as our bones, muscles, organs, tissues, and water make up our lean tissues.

Body Composition Analysis can show changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage. This is a tool we use to help us to work with you in developing a plan which works for you!

Benefits of Our Body Composition Analyzer

  • It’s quick and easy! The test takes less than 60 seconds from start to finish
  • No embarrassing measuring tools, no need to stand barely clothed in front of our providers to determine which areas may need some help.
  • Results are instant and printed out for you at the time of your measurement. We use this as a tool to help guide us on your journey to better health, or just achieving your goals!
  • InBody results are both accurate and precise! InBody Analyzers have been extensively validated to Gold Standard methods. We will only offer you the best!

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